Why Insider Threats Are So Difficult to Detect in the Cloud

Arick Goomanovsky breaks down the challenges and strategy of confronting insider threats in the cloud.

Ermetic Team By Ermetic Team

In his recent article for Solutions Review Expert Insights Series, Ermetic co-founder and CBO Arick Goomanovsky explains how insider threats in the cloud, just like in on-premises environments, pose significant risks to organizations. He writes that insiders can move relatively easily within a cloud environment making credential theft by cyber-criminals and privilege misuse by insiders a leading organizational security weakness.

"In cloud environments, if an attacker comprises an identity through phishing or social engineering, or an insider abuses their privileges, they can compromise workloads and move between workloads using well-known lateral movement techniques," says Goomanovsky. "So, while cloud environments provide operational flexibility, agility, and the ability to scale operations, they also pose some unique challenges for detecting lateral movement."

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