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Fauda: When Hollywood and Cybersecurity Meet

The newest season of Fauda, now streaming on Netflix, is a real Hollywood meets Cybersecurity moment. Find out how realistic - or not - it is.

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Ermetic Data Sheet

Holistic multicloud protection for infrastructure, identities and workloads.

Using Automated Just-in-Time (JIT) to Reach Least Privilege – A Guide

Automating JIT in the cloud is win-win for improving security and business productivity -- and cracks a nut that PAM can’t

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Ermetic CIEM Data Sheet

Leading cloud identities and entitlements security for AWS, Azure and GCP

Your Guide to IAM – and IAM Security in the Cloud

A look at how IAM works and how CIEM enhances IAM security in the cloud.

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Holistic security for AWS, Azure and GCP

Usable Cloud Security – The Antidote to Cloud Complexity

Cloud security risk is ubiquitous yet manageable if you accept cloud complexity and seek solutions focused on usability and insights you can act on.

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AWS re:Invent 2022 – JIT privileged access management for cloud infrastructure

At re:Invent 2022, Lior Zatlavi explained how to automate the creation, enforcement, and governance of developer access while gaining complete risk visibility into identity risk.

Achieving Least Privilege in Azure

This whitepaper guides organizations either building or migrating applications to the public cloud on the importance of securing IAM data resident in Microsoft Azure.

Sealing Off Your Cloud’s Blast Radius

Understand the challenges of securing your cloud and key best practices for minimizing your cloud’s blast radius

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6 Tips for Understanding 3rd-Party Risk in the Cloud

It's critical to understand the security risk that third parties pose to your cloud infrastructure and how managing 3rd-party access using secure practices can help.

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Financial Services – Addressing Your Cloud Infrastructure’s Top Threats and Compliance with Ermetic

Financial organizations need robust solutions for cloud security and compliance

How to Improve Your Incident Response in the Cloud

A look at the security best practices and mindset to adopt to better detect and recover from malicious activity in your cloud infrastructure

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[On-Demand] CyberUnfiltered – The Journey of the Modern CISO with Anand Singh

Anand Singh discusses challenges and discoveries of the modern CISO including emerging threats, key pillars of a good cloud security strategy, and more.

IBM Cost of a Data Breach 2022 – Highlights for Cloud Security Professionals

Learn from the 2022 IBM cost of a data breach report about the true cost of ransomware, credential and other breaches.

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Secure your multi-account AWS environment using AWS Control Tower with Ermetic

Ermetic integrates with AWS Control Tower to offer operational automation that makes Ermetic cloud security capabilities available for all newly added AWS accounts.

Verizon’s 2022 Data Breach Report – Insights for Cloud Security Professionals

Wondering which cyber attack trends are putting your organization at risk? Learn about the leading threat vectors – and how cloud security solutions can help.

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[On-Demand] Cloud Incident Response with Mitiga

Find out what you need to be conscious of when developing incident response strategies in the cloud

[Podcast] The Founder Formula: Reasons To Launch A Startup

The Trace3 Founder Formula podcast co-hosts discuss the inner workings of launching Ermetic with Arick Goomanovsky.

Secure Your Cloud with Zero Trust and Least Privilege

Zero Trust advocates that all entities are untrusted by default, least privilege access is enforced and comprehensive security monitoring is implemented

BlackHat USA 2022: IAM The One Who Knocks

At BlackHat USA, the Ermetic Research Team presented the hidden risks of managing identities and access in a multicloud environment.

IDSA Introduces CIEM Best Practices

The Identity Defined Security Alliance recently announced their list of Best Practices for Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management.

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96% Could Have Prevented Their Identity Breach – IDSA

Identity-related breaches are on the rise but security and IAM pros are not idle. Learn from this survey how they are staving off the next attack.

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DevSecOps: An Organizational Fix for Improving Cloud Security – Friction-free

By implementing the DevSecOps culture, tools and training, you’ll be on your way to more shift left security and less organizational friction. Here’s how.

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Facing the Shift-Left Security Conundrum. A True Story

Shift left security is hot – until it's not. Dynamic business requirements and cloud complexity pose major least privilege challenges.

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Cloud Security Maturity Online Self-Assessment

Do you know how your cloud security maturity measures up?

[On-Demand] Survey Findings – Cloud Security Maturity

Gain insight into the key findings of an Ermetic-commissioned study on cloud security maturity

Report: State of Cloud Security Maturity 2022

Survey findings of Osterman Research present the state of cloud security maturity across diverse organizations – and key implications for stakeholders.

3 Types of Cyber Attackers: Which Organizations Do They Target?

Is an attacker interested in your organization? Probably. Deconstructing the PoV of cyber attackers is key to defending your turf.

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Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM): The Ultimate Guide

What are CSPM solutions and how can they help organizations stay compliant and avoid the security risks of misconfigurations? Answers (and more) inside.

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Cloud and Data Security for Financial Services

Financial service organizations are adopting the cloud at a rapid pace. A robust solution for compliance and cloud security will ensure they enjoy all the benefits.

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[On-Demand] CyberUnfiltered – Deconstructing the Attacker Mindset

Listen in as Igal Gofman and Lior Zatlavi discuss the attacker mindset -- with an unfiltered view from the trenches.

Shift Left on Cloud Infrastructure Security

Shift Left with IaC Scanning and Remediation in Code

Ermetic for Compliance and Access Governance

Audit and enforce compliance with industry standards and best practices

[On-Demand] Maturing Your Way to Effective Identity Governance

Listen in on this joint IBM-Ermetic webinar exploring the Ermetic cloud Security Maturity Model in detail.

Ermetic for Anomaly Detection and Response

Automate incident response by quickly finding the signal in the noise

AWS, Azure and GCP: The Ultimate IAM Comparison

AWS vs. Azure vs. GCP - how do these cloud providers compare when it comes to IAM? Read on to find out.

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Ermetic for Risk Prevention and Remediation

Actionable Intelligence for faster remediation

[On-Demand] 5 Ways to Reduce Risk from AWS IAM User Access Keys

Cutting down IAM user access keys risk in AWS can be your quickest security win in 2022.

[Podcast+Video] A Grin Without a Cat: Your Cloud Blast Radius

In this episode of Down the Security Rabbithole Podcast, Arick Goomanovsky joins Rafal Los to talk about the biggest risk in cloud infrastructure. 

6 Tips for Successfully Securing Your AWS Environment

Top six actions and practices you can take to protect your AWS environment today.

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Securing Your Cloud with Zero Trust and Least Privilege

Zero trust could be the solution for your modern security perils. Read on to discover what zero trust and least privilege are – and how to get started.

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Ermetic Cloud Security Platform Demo

Ermetic helps prevent breaches by reducing the attack surface of cloud infrastructure and enforcing least privilege at scale in the most complex environments.

Ermetic for Cloud Inventory Management

Ermetic is a comprehensive cloud security platform for AWS, Azure and GCP that enables you to proactively reduce your attack surface, detect threats and reduce your blast radius in case of a breach.

Verizon’s Data Breach Report – Insights for Cloud Security Professionals

Select highlights from Verizon’s recent Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) that may interest cloud security professionals – and suggested actions

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[On-Demand] The Ultimate IAM Comparison of the Top 3 Cloud Providers

This session offers a comparison of the IAM mechanisms available in AWS, Azure and GCP.

How to Operationalize a Cloud Security Solution

How to successfully operationalize your cloud security solution in 4 easy steps – and why fast and effective operationalization matters

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Customer Testimonial: airSlate

The SaaS provider is using Ermetic to centralize security best practices and ensure cloud compliance -- with 60% work hours saved

Cloud Security Maturity Model: Vision, Path, Execution

This whitepaper examines the different variables to consider when designing and implementing a cloud security strategy, including priorities and a roadmap.

Lessons Learned in Cloud Security from Lapsus$ Surfacing

Cloud security practitioners can learn about the best practices that reduce the threat of cyber attacks from groups like Lapsus$.

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Millennium Live | Cloud Security with Ermetic

MillenniumLive interviews Arick Goomanovsky, Co-founder & CBO at Ermetic, to find out how we are leading the way to secure cloud infrastructure.

7 Cloud Security Trends That May Impact Your Cloud Security Planning

From leading CSPs to growing interest in multicloud, here’s what’s trending in measurable search traffic around cloud security - and what it means for security and IT teams.

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[On-Demand] Eliminate GCP IAM Risks

This on-demand webinar provides an introduction to the IAM mechanisms available in GCP. 

ESG Report: The Crucial Role of Entitlements for Effective Cloud Security

This whitepaper examines the challenges and describe what to look for in a solution that fully incorporates CIEM fora more effective CSPM strategy.

The GCP Shared Responsibility Model: Everything You Need to Know

What the GCP Shared Responsibility Model is and how security teams can get started

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Holistic Security for AWS, Azure and GCP

To secure your cloud, you must reduce your attack surface and drive least privilege. This requires deep insight into who can access your data.

3 Cloud IAM Security Questions You Must Be Able to Answer

It doesn’t matter if it’s AWS, GCP or Azure IAM, cloud deployment is redefining the work of IAM professionals

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Cloud Identities and the Not So Long and Slightly Winding Road to Governance

A look at Forrester’s roadmap for the deployment and use of CIG to decrease the cloud threat surface and the costs of cloud data protection.

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How CSPM and CIEM may Solve your Cloud Compliance Challenges

With compliance essential to your organization, what strategy to take? Can you rely on a standard cloud security posture management tool – or do you need more?

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[On-Demand] Security Through Maturity

Applying the cloud security maturity model framework.

Infographic: Misconfigurations Leading to AWS S3 Ransomware Exposure

Our recent research mapped out scenarios in which a permissions combination could enable ransomware on a bucket.

Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP)

Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP): An Evolving Approach to Cloud Security

A closer look at the newest Cloud Security category as defined by Gartner: Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP).

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Protect Your AWS Environment Beyond Patching Log4j

A brief demonstration of some of the strategic lessons overlooked by enterprises dealing with the recently reported Log4j vulnerability.

Top 7 Questions to Ask During a POC with a Cloud Security Vendor

A useful set of questions to help you get the most out of your upcoming POC -- and ensure that the solution will meet your cloud security needs.

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Customer Testimonial: Fintech

Find out how one Fintech organization leverages Ermetic to manage cloud security and simplify the complexity of cloud entitlements.

Evaluating a cloud security vendor

Top 6 Questions You Should Ask a Cloud Security Vendor

Choosing a cloud security platform and tools is not for the weak of heart – so much at stake! This framework can help you decide which vendor is right for you.

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On-Demand: AWS Pen Testing Workshop

How might attackers act at each stage of an AWS environment attack? What can you do to uncover it?

How IntelyCare is Using Ermetic to Reduce Risk & Automate Least Privilege

Find out how this healthcare staffing and scheduling SaaS platform is using Ermetic to reduce risk and automate least privilege.

How to Start Up Your Cloud Security

Startups may think they can postpone implementing a cloud security program but should in fact take early action - here’s why, and easy steps for doing so.

Ermetic Team By Ermetic Team

[On-Demand] Start-up your Cloud Security: Cybersecurity from Founding to Exit

Learn the steps required to ensure your startup is prepared to incorporate cloud security from day one and throughout its lifecycle.

The Top 24 Concerns for Cloud Security Teams

The complete checklist of threats and security gaps out to get your cloud

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Misconfigurations Leading to AWS S3 Ransomware Exposure

Our research revealed high potential for ransomware penetration when not using AWS mitigation controls.

CISO’s First 100 Days: Ermetic’s Guide to Getting Started

Everything you need to know about securing your cloud as a CISO.

Ermetic Team By Ermetic Team

Customer Testimonial: Latch

Find out how they use Ermetic’s cloud security platform for AWS to automate least privilege for new services.

[On-Demand] Cloud Compliance Achievement Unlocked. Now What?

This webinar looks at standards compliance and custom policies as strategic to your cloud security.

The AWS Shared Responsibility Model: Everything You Need to Know

What the Shared Responsibility model means, its many challenges & how to protect your cloud infrastructure.

Ermetic Team By Ermetic Team

[On-Demand] Forrester Webinar: Securing Your Cloud – What’s Identity Governance Got to Do with It?

Get Andras Cser's take on why cloud entitlements are the linchpin to reducing the attack surface.

[On-Demand] SANS Webcast: Are Cloud Service Provider Tools Enough to Secure Your Identities?

Watch this SANS - Ermetic workshop for an overview of CSP tools.

AWS Resource Provisioning with Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) – What You Need To Know

What to pay attention to when using ABAC in order to avoid unnecessary security gaps.

Lior Zatlavi By Ermetic Team

Why Managing Security Posture and Entitlements from One Place Makes Sense

How a unified CSPM/CIEM platform can provide solutions to highly prioritized security risks, with minimal overhead.

Ermetic team By Ermetic Team

The Importance of Identity and Access Management (IAM) in Cloud Infrastructure

How to manage human and service identities, and their entitlements, to secure your cloud infrastructure.

Ermetic Team By Ermetic Team

[On-Demand] Webinar: Cloud Native Security, Explained

Explore new tactics for securing cloud computing in Azure with Tanya Janca of We Hack Purple.

[On-Demand] Eliminate Azure IAM Risks: How to Leverage Native Azure Tools and Automation to Pursue Least Privilege

Using access permissions analysis, RBAC and native tools in Azure toward least privilege.

Why Privileged Access Management (PAM) Fails Cloud Infrastructure…and What to do About it

PAM, its challenges for AWS, GCP and Azure environments - and CIEM as a solution.

Ermetic Team By Ermetic Team

Achieving Least Privilege in AWS

Securing identities and data in the cloud is extremely challenging, and many organizations get it wrong. Yet recent events have proven that the risks associated with compromise of identities and credentials cannot be taken lightly.

[On-Demand] TAG Cyber Virtual Panel: Developing a Cloud Infrastructure Security Plan

Watch this panel of industry experts share advice on prioritizing cloud infrastructure security projects.

[On-Demand] ISSA Webcast: Going Multicloud

Secure your multicloud! Explore managing identities and privileges risk in both AWS and Azure.

[On-Demand] Workshop: How to Eliminate AWS IAM Risk

Join Ermetic architect Lior Zatlavi to unpack analyzing access permissions and pursuing least privilege in AWS.

Ermetic Case Study: MOHARA

Find out how MOHARA is using Ermetic to build cloud security into client projects including fintech.

Ermetic Case Study: IntelyCare

Find out how this healthcare innovator is using Ermetic to automate risk remediation & least privilege.

Cloud Security: What’s Good for Fintech Is Good for… All Our Clients

Mohara shares how Ermetic keeps things secure and management-sane inside their cloud software development shop.

Ermetic Team By Ermetic Team

[On-Demand] ISACA Webinar: Tame that Overprivileged Cloud

Learn from Ermetic’s CBO about best practices for mitigating access risks in AWS and Azure.

Ermetic Case Study: Latch

Find out how Latch is using Ermetic to improve their security posture.

Ermetic Case Study: Kikapay

Find out how Kikapay leverages Ermetic to be confident that their security profile is sufficient.

[On-Demand] Of Birds, Bees — and Cloud Native Controls to Protect your Hive

Hear Google’s former CISO explain why automation is essential to closing cloud security gaps at scale.

Ermetic Case Study: Aidoc

Find out how Aidoc is using Ermetic to roadmap action on IAM & configuration risks.

[On-Demand] Essentials Workshop: How to manage identities and access risk in AWS and Azure

Understand where AWS and Azure align and differ in handling access management.

Business Case Study by TAG Cyber

Find out why you should take a new approach to handling your cloud security posture.

Why Managing Cloud Entitlements is Nearly Impossible & How to Do It

Why it is a priority to get a grip on your cloud identities and privileges, and what Ermetic offers in full-stack granular visibility, context and mitigation to help you assess and remediate access risk.

Keep Your IAM Users Close, Keep Your Third Parties Even Closer – Part 1

Part 1 on third-party access configuration and control, and how it can go sideways with IAM permissions.

Ermetic Team By Ermetic Team

Keep Your IAM Users Close, Keep Your Third Parties Even Closer – Part 2

Part 2 explores best practices against third-party access risk and how automated analysis can help.

Ermetic Team By Ermetic Team

Shai Morag Shares Insights into the World of Poker and Cybersecurity

Shai Morag, Ermetic Co-Founder and CEO, having an interview with Michael Matias of 20 Minute Leaders about the growth of the cybersecurity industry.

Introducing the Ermetic Advisory Board: Gerhard Eschelbeck, Former CISO of Google

We recently announced the formation of the Ermetic Advisory Board which includes a who’s who of CISOs and cloud security experts from the technology, media and communications sectors. So who *are* these experts? In recent posts, we met Travis McPeak of Netflix, Adrian Ludwig of Atlassian and Elie AbenMoha of Publicis Groupe. Next up is Gerhard Eschelbeck, the former […]

Ermetic Team By Ermetic Team

Implementing Identity-Centric Controls in Cloud Infrastructure

Alan Shimel from Digital Anarchist speaks with Ermetic CMO Amy Ariel about what we are seeing in the current business climate.

Trends, Entitlements and the Cloud

Edward Amoroso from TAG Cyber sits down with Ermetic Co-Founder and CBO Arick Goomanovsky to discuss security trends, risk and entitlements in the cloud.

Ermetic AWS Value Case Study – Latch

Find out how Latch is using Ermetic to automate least privilege in their AWS environment.

Ermetic AWS Value Case Study – IntelyCare

Find out how IntelyCare used Ermetic to automate AWS IAM risk analysis & remediate in minutes.

[On-Demand] 451 Webinar: Getting a Grip on Privileged Access in Public Cloud Infrastructure

451 and Ermetic explore how entitlements management can simplify your cloud infrastructure security.

Governing identities and managing entitlements in the public cloud

Katie Teitler from TAG Cyber sits down with Or Priel, VP Product at Ermetic to discuss "identities" (both human and machine) in the cloud.

Ermetic Case Study: AppsFlyer

Find out how Ermetic helped AppsFlyer gain control by governing identities and access entitlements.

The AWS Managed Policies Trap

The “AWS Managed Policies Trap” and how to escape using automated analysis of environment configuration and activity logs.

Ermetic Team By Ermetic Team

[On-Demand] Webinar: Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management and the Gartner Hype

Dive into why Gartner featured CIEM in this year’s Cloud Security and IAM hype cycles.

Introducing the Ermetic Advisory Board: Elie AbenMoha of Publicis Groupe

Thoughts on cloud security from advisory board member Elie AbenMoha of Publicis Groupe

Ermetic Team By Ermetic Team

[On-Demand] Webinar: How to Govern Identities and Access in Cloud Infrastructure: AppsFlyer Case Study

How organizations govern access and achieve least privilege by analyzing permissions in the cloud.

[Podcast] Cloud Identity Governance – Understanding Challenges

Find out about cloud identity and access challenges -- and the impact of neglecting entitlements.

Who Holds the Keys to the Kingdom? (Part 2 of 2)

Part 2 takes a look at sensitive AWS Resources – secret strings and keys used in AWS.

Ermetic Team By Ermetic Team

Who Holds the Keys to the Kingdom? (Part 1 of 2)

Part 1 of a series takes a look at sensitive AWS Resources - secret strings and keys used in AWS.

Ermetic Team By Ermetic Team

[On-Demand] Webinar: Ask Me Anything! Fireside Chat with Atlassian CISO, Adrian Ludwig

Prepare to delight in this chat with Atlassian CISO Adrian Ludwig and Ermetic CEO/Co-Founder, Shai Morag.

Introducing the Ermetic Advisory Board: Adrian Ludwig of Atlassian

Adrian Ludwig of Atlassian shares his predictions and insights on public cloud security.

Ermetic Team By Ermetic Team

AWS Identity Federation and Least Privilege – Friends or Foes?

How to address the challenges in basic and advanced implementations of AWS federation.

Ermetic Team By Ermetic Team

Protect Applications and Data with Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management (CIEM)

Breaking down the hype around Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management (CIEM).

Ermetic By Ermetic Team

A New Paradigm for Least Privilege

We are approaching a tipping point where the scale and flexibility of cloud environments may be too much to deal with, resulting in increased exposure to risk as even a single access-related incident due to an over-privileged account or a misconfigured cloud storage bucket may have severe consequences.

10 Steps to Eliminating Access Risks in AWS

The 10 steps to determining the access open to a single user or application.