Why Managing Cloud Entitlements is Nearly Impossible & How to Do It

Why it is a priority to get a grip on your cloud identities and privileges, and what Ermetic offers in full-stack granular visibility, context and mitigation to help you assess and remediate access risk.

451 Research Report: Ermetic Tackles Public Cloud Risks

451 Research recently reported on Ermetic and a new category of products that are addressing the problem of excessive entitlements in cloud infrastructure. This report focuses on the unique challenges of enforcing least privilege in the public cloud and how Ermetic accomplishes this to prevent data breaches.

Protect Applications and Data with Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

In 2020, Gartner introduced the term Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) to describe the next generation of solutions for managing access and enforcing least privilege in the cloud. Find out the seven steps of CIEM and how to achieve least privilege based on this process.

IDC Cloud Security Survey Highlights: Top Identity and Data Access Risks

Ermetic recently commissioned a survey with IDC on the importance and challenges of implementing least privilege in cloud production environments. This whitepaper presents the responses from more than 300 CISOs at organizations of various sizes and across industries.

A New Paradigm for Least Privilege

We are approaching a tipping point where the scale and flexibility of cloud environments may be too much to deal with, resulting in increased exposure to risk as even a single access-related incident due to an over-privileged account or a misconfigured cloud storage bucket may have severe consequences.

10 Steps to Eliminating Access Risks in AWS

The 10 steps to determining the access open to a single user or application.