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Cloud Security for Financial Services

The public cloud makes it easier for financial services and institutions to quickly launch innovative offerings and meet clients where they are. But transitioning to the cloud is a challenge – especially for finance, the most targeted sector. Organizations in this highly regulated space need to balance business speed with the need to be continuously secure. Tenable Cloud Security helps banks and financial service companies focus on the most critical security risks and keep up with compliance.

Least-Privilege Access to Financial Data in the Cloud

Security and privacy standards require an organization to have cloud security capabilities in place for governing access policy and enforcing least privilege – and entails auditing and reporting on how privileged cloud identities are being used.

The pathway to access governance and least privilege starts with a full and accurate picture of all entitlements, achieved through continuous discovery of all entities and policies (including IAM, resource, permissions boundaries and ACLs) in the environment and applying full stack analysis to reveal the gap between desired enterprise policy and actual entitlements.

Tenable Cloud Security helps financial entities govern access, providing actionable visibility for closing such gaps. It enables least privilege, the foundation for a zero trust strategy, across your multi-cloud environment.

An Identity-first Cloud Infrastructure Security Platform

Tenable offers a comprehensive cloud security platform for managing security and compliance in the most complex AWS, Azure and GCP environments. It spans full asset discovery, flexible risk auto-remediation, real-time anomaly detection, compliance auditing and policy enforcement. The unique identity-first platform gives deep visibility into effective access and the toxic scenarios that put data at risk, and unifies cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM) and cloud security posture management (CSPM) in one platform.

  • Manage your cloud resources across AWS, Azure and GCP
  • Get granular visibility into all types of resources, as well as identities, configurations, permissions, activities and relationships
  • View network access and publicly exposed resources

Using Tenable Cloud Security lets you improve your cloud security posture and implement zero trust and least privilege across your multi-cloud environment while achieving cost-saving collaboration across security, devops and IAM. Its capabilities and ease of use offer an incremental path to cloud security maturity.

Security audits in the cloud are no trivial matter. By enabling us to jump through audit hoops, Ermetic [now Tenable Cloud Security] proved itself a capable technology and time saver.

Etienne Smith, CTO, Kikapay

Compliance and Access Governance for Financial Services

Today’s finance organizations must contend with a multitude of compliance standards. Even knowing how to implement a given security standard can be a challenge.

The Tenable Cloud Security platform conducts a continuous compliance audit with regulatory standards, across the asset inventory, data, compute and network configurations:

  • Continuously audit industry regulations and best practice benchmarks including ISO, NIST, PCI and SOC2
  • Generate detailed and customized compliance audit reports

The Greatest Risk to Your Cloud Infrastructure

Almost every cloud data breach – and its amplification – involves misconfigured infrastructure or a compromised identity and its permissions. Why? Cloud services autoscale by nature and tend to change frequently. This highly-dynamic landscape, containing thousands of pieces of compute across hundreds of identities and thousands of entitlements, makes it very difficult to identify hidden dangers and remove excessive permissions. At the same time, the privilege gap continues to grow due to development speed and agility.

Tenable overcomes cloud complexity, gaps in native security tools and the shortage in cloud expertise to empower financial organizations with full risk context, prioritization and auto-remediation of risky privileges, misconfigurations and excessive permissions.

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Tenable Cloud Security for Financial Services

  • Get Deep, Multicloud Visibility

    Manage all identities and resources in one platform. Investigate permissions, configurations and relationships

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  • Understand the Attack Surface

    Assess & prioritize risk across human and service identities, network configuration, data and compute resources

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  • Automate Remediation

    Mitigate risky privileges and faulty configurations through integration with ticketing, CI/CD pipelines, and IaC

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  • Enforce Policies and Shift Left

    Define and enforce automated guardrails for access permissions and resource configuration, from dev to production.

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  • Detect Anomalies

    Detect suspicious behavior and configuration changes with continuous behavioral analysis and alerts

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  • Comply with Standards

    Audit inventory and ensure compliance with CIS, GDPR, SOC2, NIST, PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO and more

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