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Public Cloud Security

Moving to the cloud is all about agility and flexibility, but comes at a cost with regard to security. With thousands of new identities, compute, data and network resources, come intricate interdependencies. It can be difficult to spot the toxic misconfigurations that pose a huge risk to your cloud.

Learn how Tenable Cloud Security cuts through cloud infrastructure complexity enabling security, devops and IAM professionals to focus on the most critical risks and proactively secure their public cloud environments.

Continuously Discover Multicloud Resources

Tenable Cloud Security discovers all resources, human and service identities, permissions and configurations across AWS, Azure and GCP to provide a contextual asset inventory for managing your assets. By augmenting asset findings with log details and historical activities, security practitioners can spot toxic combinations that directly impact their cloud attack surface and the damage that could follow a breach.

  • Manage your cloud resources across AWS, Azure and GCP
  • Get granular visibility into all types of resources, as well as identities, configurations, permissions, activities and relationships
  • View network access and publicly exposed resources

Reduce Your Attack Surface

Every cloud resource that is exposed to the public internet represents a potential entry point for malicious actors. Tenable determines the exposure of your cloud resources by continuously assessing and prioritizing risk across the environment.

It combines granular analytics with full stack insights on sensitive data, network exposure, unused identities, excessive permissions, risky privileges and vulnerable workloads, to help proactively minimize the potential risk and reduce your cloud attack surface.

  • Accurately visualize complex relationships
  • Identify the toxic scenarios that are the highest risk to your environment
  • Reduce the blast radius in case of a breach

Proactively Remediate Risk

Tenable Cloud Security makes complex issues easy to understand, allowing security, DevOps and engineering teams to focus on the highest risks and proactively harden their cloud environments. Built-in remediation guidance helps remove the guesswork of addressing security issues, and optional auto-remediation can be setup ad hoc to fix misconfigurations and identity risks with a single click.

  • Auto-remediation directly with wizards
  • Ticket automatically-generated, optimized policies and configuration fixes through Jira and ServiceNow
  • Generate IaC snippets in Terraform and CloudFormation

Achieve and Maintain Compliance

Whether your cloud environment is subject to regulatory frameworks, or you prefer to benchmark against your own standards, Tenable Cloud Security enables continuous compliance audit with industry standards and best practices. Tenable monitors the full stack for potential compliance violations, including asset inventory, misconfigurations and network configuration, across dozens of industry standards, best practices and custom frameworks to help you meet your compliance needs.

  • Carry out continuous compliance audit including for CIS, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO, NIST, PCI and SOC2
  • Ticket automatically-generated, optimized policies and configuration fixes through Jira and ServiceNow
  • Generate detailed reports for asset inventory, network configurations and activity audits
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Tenable Cloud Infrastructure Security Platform

  • Get Deep, Multicloud Visibility

    Manage all identities and resources in one platform. Investigate permissions, configurations and relationships

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  • Understand the Attack Surface

    Assess & prioritize risk across human and service identities, network configuration, data and compute resources

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  • Automate Remediation

    Mitigate risky privileges and faulty configurations through integration with ticketing, CI/CD pipelines, and IaC

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  • Enforce Policies and Shift Left

    Define and enforce automated guardrails for access permissions and resource configuration, from dev to production.

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  • Detect Anomalies

    Detect suspicious behavior and configuration changes with continuous behavioral analysis and alerts

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  • Comply with Standards

    Audit inventory and ensure compliance with CIS, GDPR, SOC2, NIST, PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO and more

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