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Secure Your Public Cloud with Just-in-Time Access

JIT puts time limits and a process in place to ensure privileged access only when needed. Find out how Tenable Cloud Security’s JIT, part of a comprehensive, identity-first cloud native application protection platform (CNAPP), enables speedy approval for as-needed access that minimizes your cloud attack surface and prevents long-standing privileges.

Facilitate Least Privilege with Just-in-Time Access Management

Gartner advises security leaders to implement “a process for quick and easy requesting and granting of additional privileges with minimal disruption to an individual’s workflow.” This capability is typically referred to as JIT privileges or JIT access.

Ermetic’s leading CIEM capabilities provide full, deep multicloud visibility into identities and permissions, enabling organizations to provide users the right access to the right resources at the right time and for the right reasons. The Ermetic self-service JIT portal provides easy requesting and granting of approvals based on business justification, with minimal disruption.

  • Enable developers to make quick requests, notify approvers and gain temporary access, saving engineering teams time
  • Enforce fine-grained least privilege policies and avoid long-standing privileges, minimizing your cloud’s attack surface
  • Monitor user activity during elevated sessions and generate reports for all JIT access requests and authorizations

Fast Approvals with JIT Self-Service Workflows

Minimize the risk of attackers exploiting excessive privileges by granting access for the smallest period of time needed for the user to complete the task. The Tenable Cloud Security JIT portal drives self-service workflows, empowering engineering teams to easily request and gain authorized access to required resources. Tenable’s JIT capability, with highly granular entitlement management, provides secure privileged access in the cloud that allows you to:

  • Save engineering teams time by enabling them to quickly submit a request, notify approvers and gain temporary access
  • Simplify operations by automating access request and consent functions

Just-in-Time Automated Access Control

Engineering teams need powerful privileges and entitlements to stand up and manage cloud infrastructures. Yet such access should be granted on an as-needed basis only: for a limited time, and right-sized to avoid excessive permissions. Tenable grants authorized access for a predefined period of time, after which it automatically terminates the access and revokes the temporary permissions. Using Tenable Cloud Security’s JIT, you can achieve and maintain zero standing privileges.

  • Minimize your cloud attack surface by enforcing fine-grained least privilege policies and avoiding use of long-standing privileges
  • Flexibly grant access to sensitive cloud environments via the AWS console or API

Continuous Audit and Access Governance through JIT Security

Achieve continuous improvement of your multicloud security posture by monitoring compliance, and detecting and visualizing who accessed what and when, who elevated which permissions and when, what the justification was, and who the approver was.

Maintain an audit trail and investigate access activity with intelligent CSPM, including audit trail information about JIT-related activity, in a dedicated view. Using built-in reports, your teams can communicate with stakeholders on internal compliance, external audits and daily security activities including user activity during elevated sessions, past requests and the underlying authorization process.

  • Demonstrate your ability to meet key data privacy mandates including PCI-DSS, GDPR, HIPAA and more in your multicloud environment
  • Produce extensive reports for internal compliance, external audit and daily security activities including asset inventory, misconfiguration and network configurations

Full Cloud-Native Security without Agents

Tenable offers JIT access as part of its comprehensive Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) for AWS, Azure and GCP environments. The platform automates security and compliance from development to runtime. 

Find out how Tenable Cloud Security can help you reveal, prioritize and remediate security gaps with insight and precision, accelerating action, least privilege and security collaboration throughout your organization.

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