It’s a new beginning! Ermetic is now Tenable Cloud Security.

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

CSPM tools monitor cloud infrastructure to ensure that all cloud applications and services are securely configured. Learn how Tenable Cloud Security’s CSPM, part of an identity-first cloud native application protection platform (CNAPP), offers iron-clad protection including unified CSPM and CIEM, to accurately detect and remediate your greatest configuration and permission risks.

Security audits in the cloud are no trivial matter. By enabling us to jump through audit hoops, Ermetic [now Tenable Cloud Security] proved itself a capable technology and time saver.

Etienne Smith, CTO, Kikapay

Securing Cloud Configurations Can Be Daunting

You can be compliant yet not secure; even a small misconfigured setting can expose sensitive assets to bad actors. Avoiding attacks calls for removing risk and enforcing security best practice including least privilege – yet doing so at scale without automation is near impossible.

Tenable Cloud Security automatically monitors your cloud configurations, security settings and compliance against common frameworks, regulatory requirements and enterprise policies to determine where excessive risk exists. It prioritizes, accurately alerts to vulnerabilities and non compliance, and auto-remediates faulty configurations, violations and risks, including identity-based.

Multicloud Asset Management & Unified Visibility

Tenable Cloud Security provides a full asset inventory for AWS, Azure and GCP. It continuously discovers your cloud environment across infrastructure, workloads, identities and data, powerfully visualizing all your cloud assets. It offers a unified view that simplifies your team’s understanding of even the most complex issues.

  • Gain a multi-dimensional, searchable view into all configurations, human and service identities, and entitlements
  • Continuously detect and categorize resources in your multicloud environment across identity, data, compute and network resources
  • Visualize network interconnects, security groups and access pathways to stored data

By combining CIEM and CSPM tools, Tenable offers one-stop, full stack visibility into attack vectors in cloud configuration and access risk rooted in identity entitlements and resource settings.

Risk Analysis and Auto-Remediation of Misconfigurations and More

Tenable Cloud Security applies full stack risk analysis to your cloud configurations, identities, workloads, network and more, identifying, contextualizing and prioritizing risks.

  • Discovers risks associated with misconfigured infrastructure, and the toxic mix of identities, permissions, vulnerabilities and network configuration that can expose sensitive resources
  • Prioritizes findings, helping teams tap into their “inner security expert” to focus on the risks that matter most
  • Auto-remediates misconfigurations, policy violations, and risky privileges, including excessive and unused
  • Speeds up mitigation via wizards, pre-populated optimized policies and configuration fixes in tickets, and IaC snippets in Terraform and CloudFormation

Tenable doesn’t just point to risk – it offers actionable findings that accelerate decision-making and options for automating your response. It spares teams time wasted on manual analysis or sifting through siloed alerts. It delivers precise policies that resolve risk and non compliance, and drive least privilege organization-wide, reducing the attack surface.

Compliance Auditing and Automated Reporting

Tenable Cloud Security automates compliance and security against industry standards and benchmarks, and custom frameworks. It helps you understand what is running in your environment and how it is configured.

Audit and compliance teams can use Tenable to identify and mitigate compliance violations early, and create detailed reports.

  • Continuous multicloud compliance with tens of industry frameworks including CIS, AWS Well Architected, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO, NIST, PCI-DSS, SOC2, CIS for Kubernetes and more, and custom checks
  • Generate detailed reports for internal compliance, external audit and daily security activities (asset inventory, misconfiguration, network configurations,…)

Tenable simplifies and reduces overhead from cloud compliance with a single platform that continuously scans configurations and resources across clouds, prevents violations and enforces policies and least privilege.

Anomaly Detection and Incident Investigation

Tenable Cloud Security automates threat detection of unusual activity through continuous risk analysis against behavioral baselines, helping identify anomalous and suspicious behavior that can endanger your most critical assets. It analyzes cloud provider logs and correlates cloud threats with the underlying architecture to instantly reveal the context associated with each risk.

The platform offers teams enhanced incident investigation through powerful queries of enriched data sources and intuitive tools for viewing and investigating risks in context. You can empower incident response and SOC teams to react quickly through integrations with SIEM (Splunk, IBM QRadar,…) and ticketing and notification systems (ServiceNow, Jira,…).

Securing Cloud Identities & Entitlements

Tenable Cloud Security is the industry leader in securing cloud identities (human and service) and entitlements (CIEM). It applies deep risk analysis derived from a profound understanding of cloud infrastructures and permissions models to deliver findings that are hard to detect manually and precise, automated remediation.

  • Leverage built-in and customizable policy templates to easily attain least privilege without disrupting productivity
  • Apply granular, IAM and configuration policy recommendations for all identities and implement a zero standing privileges strategy
  • Use Just-in-Time access management to enforce fine-grained least privilege policies and avoid use of long-standing privileges, which engender risk

Using [Ermetic, now Tenable Cloud Security’s] automation allowed us to eliminate exhaustive manual processes and perform in minutes what would have taken two or three security people months to accomplish

Larry Viviano, Director of Information Security, IntelyCare

Stepping Stones to a Constantly Improving Cloud Security Posture

Your public cloud environment is in a constant state of flux, and attackers are waiting to pounce on weakness. If your ultimate security goal is to find and address prioritized gaps immediately, you have a friend in Tenable. The platform monitors your cross-cloud environment across the full stack, correlating risk with the underlying architecture to shine a light on where risk is hiding, how urgent it is and what actions to take.

Tenable enables enterprises of all sizes – and cloud footprint size – to manage cloud security posture with minimal effort and overhead, regardless of changes over time. It equips you with the stepping stones to ramp up cloud security best practice and collaboration organization wide without impacting speed to market.

Cloud-Native Security across the Full Lifecycle

Tenable Cloud Security offers cloud security posture management and compliance as part of its comprehensive Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) for AWS, Azure and GCP environments. The platform provides continuous discovery across identities, infrastructure, workloads and data, visualizing, prioritizing and remediating cloud security and compliance risks from development to deployment. Tenable integrates in CI/CD pipelines for complete shift left security, and democratizes and accelerates organizational security efforts.

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Tenable for Your CIEM and CSPM Needs

  • Get Deep, Multicloud Visibility

    Manage all identities and resources in one platform. Investigate permissions, configurations and relationships

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  • Understand the Attack Surface

    Assess & prioritize risk across human and service identities, network configuration, data and compute resources

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  • Automate Remediation

    Mitigate risky privileges and faulty configurations through integration with ticketing, CI/CD pipelines, and IaC

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  • Enforce Policies and Shift Left

    Define and enforce automated guardrails for access permissions and resource configuration, from dev to production.

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  • Detect Anomalies

    Detect suspicious behavior and configuration changes with continuous behavioral analysis and alerts

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  • Comply with Standards

    Audit inventory and ensure compliance with CIS, GDPR, SOC2, NIST, PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO and more

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