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Reducing Security Debt in the Cloud

Security debt exists on premises and in cloud platforms — but preventing it from accumulating in the cloud requires different skills, processes and tools

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In his recent article for DarkReading, Ermetic Senior Sales Engineer Terence Harper takes a look at reducing security debt in the cloud.

"Just like not doing what needs to be done in time can leave you behind on your taxes or your bills and piles on interest, leaving your cybersecurity by the wayside as you build your organization can cost you more in the long term," wrote Harper. "When you don't put the building blocks in place early and pay for things upfront, the overall debt will grow as time marches on."

Aligning with a security framework provides some best practices, but according to Harper, an organization needs to fine-tune those guidelines for their unique environment and requirements. He goes on to offer six recommendations for preventing security debt in the cloud including integrating security into the software development life cycle and performing a cyber-threat profile assessment.

Check out the rest of his recommendations in the full article on DarkReading.

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