Cloud security startup Ermetic closes $70M funding round

According to Gartner, cloud security boasts a compound annual growth rate of 41%, making it the fastest-growing part of the information security and risk management segment.

Ermetic Team By Ermetic Team
Cloud security startup Ermetic closes $70M funding round

In her recent article on SiliconAngle, Maria Deutscher shared the news of our $70 million funding round by Qumra Capital. She explains how many hacking campaigns that target enterprise cloud environments hijack employee accounts to try to get network access. As a result, she writes, "whether or not a company secures employees’ cloud accounts effectively is a major factor in how well it can block cyberattacks."

Deutscher explains how our software platform reduces cybersecurity risk by helping companies limit what cloud resources can be accessed by users. She offers several examples including how Ermetic "spots, among other issues, cases where an employee account has permission to access a cloud resource that is not necessarily needed for the employee’s work."

"For example," she writes, "Developers building an application that integrates with their company’s accounting database might be accidentally given access to the database’s security settings, even though they may never have to edit the security settings as part of their work. This can become an issue if one of the developers’ accounts is breached by hackers."

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