Infrastructure as Code Security

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) revolutionized and automated cloud infrastructure provisioning with written, readable code that enables reuse of deployment processes at scale. While its benefits are clear, putting this process into practice securely can be challenging.

Ermetic delivers IaC scanning as part of a comprehensive and integrated Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP). Find out how Ermetic provides complete shift left security for developers and DevOps, enabling them to ensure that IaC misconfigurations, policy violations and other risks are detected and remediated early.

Having secure, properly configured cloud infrastructure is vital. Gartner estimates that at least 99% of cloud security failures through 2025 will be a result of customer actions or inactions, primarily resulting from cloud resource misconfiguration.

Gartner, “Is the Cloud Secure?,” 2019, Gartner, Inc

IaC Flaws == Increased Attack Surface

While IaC provides a major improvement to how teams deploy cloud infrastructure, it can inadvertently introduce risks stemming from human error or a lack of attention to security policies and best practices. En route to true Shift Left security, your organization may face multiple challenges:

  • Cloud Complexity: The challenge of detecting security flaws across the product lifecycle dramatically increases over multiple clouds.
  • Cumbersome Manual Code Review: Security experts can be hired to manually review IaC configurations however, this can be expensive, error-prone and time-consuming for large scale projects.
  • Lack of Visibility: Security and DevOps often rely on multiple point security solutions that create visibility gaps and blindspots.

Ermetic can make a significant impact on the security of your CI/CD pipeline. It empowers developers to easily write secure code and saves time by eliminating cloud infrastructure misconfigurations and other risks prior to deployment in production.

Identify Misconfigurations & Compliance Violations in Code

Ermetic enables developers to scan and detect misconfigurations and other risks in IaC to harden cloud infrastructure environments as part of the CI/CD pipeline. By embedding comprehensive cloud security checks and surfacing findings directly in native development tools including Jenkins, BitBucket, CircleCI, GitHub and GitLab, your developers can deliver code efficiently and securely.

Detect IaC risks with Ernetic's platform
Detect IaC risks with Ernetic's platform

Integrate Security into the Development Pipeline

Ermetic streamlines security throughout the software development lifecycle by embedding security into workflows in DevOps tooling including Terraform and CloudFormation. By combining context and risk prioritization, developers can quickly evaluate critical security and compliance risk against industry standard benchmarks or custom policies and course correct as needed.

Built-In Remediation

Ermetic helps mitigate cloud infrastructure misconfigurations and other risks through integration with a variety of automated and assisted remediation tools. Teams can plug Ermetic findings into existing workflows or auto-remediate directly with wizards, assign alerts and IaC snippets via ticketing systems (e.g., Jira or ServiceNow), and integrate with source code repositories to add comments and suggested fixes to pull requests.

Gaps in policy guardrails
Gaps in policy guardrails

Compliance Benchmarks

With its agentless approach, the Ermetic platform allows teams to maintain automated compliance against industry standard regulations and benchmarks like PCI-DSS, CIS Benchmarks, SOC 2, PSD2, GDPR, NIST, HIPAA, and more, as well as custom frameworks.
Leveraging Ermetic, audit and compliance teams can detect and mitigate compliance violations early.

Cloud-Native Security across the Full Lifecycle

Ermetic offers IaC scanning as part of its comprehensive Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) for AWS, Azure and GCP environments, integrating security and compliance automation from development to runtime. The platform provides continuous discovery across identities, infrastructure, workloads and data, visualizing, prioritizing and remediating cloud security and compliance risks from development to deployment.

Ermetic integrates into CI/CD pipelines for complete shift left security, and democratizes and accelerates organizational security efforts.

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Infrastructure as Code Security

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    Assess & prioritize risk across human and service identities, network configuration, data and compute resources

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Hear from Our Customers

Eugene Gorelik VP Engineering at Airslate

“Ermetic has allowed us to concentrate on our business rather than on concentrate just on the cloud security.”

Larry Viviano Director of Information Security, IntelyCare
IntelyCare x Ermetic

“If I didn’t have Ermetic to manage my cloud security, I probably would need an additional two or three headcount in order to do that manually.”

David Christensen Senior Information Security Executive

“This is one of the few platforms I’ve brought into the cloud that has had actionable efforts in under 30 days. From a return on investment perspective, it was one of the best decisions we made.”

Dominic Zanardi Security Engineer, Latch

“If we didn’t have Ermetic analyzing roles, policies and network configuration, that would easily be an additional three to four analysts. It’s saving us hours and head count.”