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Customer Testimonial: airSlate

The SaaS provider is using Ermetic to centralize security best practices and ensure cloud compliance -- with 60% work hours saved

Ermetic Team By Ermetic Team

"Ermetic demonstrated the ability to solve our problems. It has allowed us to concentrate on our business rather than concentrating just on the cloud security. I'm Eugene Gorelik and I'm head of engineering for airSlate.

"airSlate is a business automation SaaS company, and it helps customers to automate their online document management processes. We currently have a few thousand servers and over 30 AWS organizations in our AWS environment. Managing and organizing security and identity management in such a massive cloud environment is a very complex task.

"The great thing about Ermetic is that it integrates with your cloud system very seamlessly, and it allows you to easily extend your cloud security coverage and integrate more cloud environments under the same monitoring umbrella. So, Ermetic allowed us to have a system where we can centrally set configuration policies, generate security rules and make sure that we are compliant from the cloud security perspective.

"It is a very easy to use and intuitive SaaS cloud security software. So the onboarding time was just a few days. It actually allows you to narrow down into some of the CloudTrail events and obtain some specific information more efficiently. We have saved approximately 60% of our cloud security man-hours thanks to Ermetic.

"If you have multiple cloud environments and you are looking for technology which can help you to really have a single, easy to use dashboard into your cloud identity I would certainly recommend to consider Ermetic."

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