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Customer Testimonial: Tyler Technologies

Learn how this public sector software enterprise is using Ermetic to save hundreds to thousands of hours in managing permission sets in AWS.

Tenable Cloud Security By Tenable Cloud Security

"Ermetic allows Tyler Technologies to really focus on what's important. It's getting the right permission sets set up correctly without having to grow our staff in order to maintain a secure environment.

"Hi, my name is Roman Borodyansky. I work for Tyler Technologies. I'm the Vice President of Corporate Cloud Services.

"Tyler Technologies empowers public sector clients to create better and safer communities. We develop and maintain software for state and local governments, and schools, in a secure, fast and convenient way for our citizens. Security is very important to us. While we maintain data that's typically public record it's important that private information is kept safe and secure.

"We use Ermetic to provide secure commercial and government cloud services in AWS GovCloud. Access to tools like Ermetic have really enabled us to speed our delivery and make sure that only authorized access is provided. We understand who has access to what and, more importantly, why. If permissions are granted above and beyond what the end user needs those permissions are handled, removed, in an automatic fashion.

"Tyler Technologies uses Ermetic across hundreds of accounts. Managing permission sets could take significant amount of time. But with Ermetic, Tyler's been able to save hundreds to thousands of man hours in managing permission sets in AWS. We've been able to really narrow down on what our engineers need and provide them just-in-time delivery permissions.

"I would absolutely recommend working with Ermetic. Working with them, we've been able to really come up with innovative ways to secure our environment, to provide better permission sets to our developers and engineers, and keep the data secure."

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