It’s a new beginning! Ermetic is now Tenable Cloud Security.

Customer Testimonial: BarkBox

Discover how Ermetic is enabling this data-driven company to lift the veil on cloud complexity and implement security best practice with little effort

Tenable Cloud Security By Tenable Cloud Security

"The biggest benefit of working with Ermetic, it's the discoverability component of Ermetic. It really lifts the veil on what is an opaque system.

My name is Michael Bishop. I am the Director of Architecture and Engineering at BarkBox. We make products designed to make dogs happy. Everything we do is driven by data, and so timely, robust access to data is incredibly critical.

There was the before Ermetic times, and then there were the after Ermetic times. The policies that we're using today are the auto-generated Ermetic policies, and that became the new baseline from which we built out all further policies.

We love that Ermetic is always on the lookout for ways in which we can further reduce the surface area of permission. The one-click remediation functionality of  Ermetic makes implementing the recommendations seamless.

We've seen an increase in our overall security posture and a better understanding of our environment. It allows us to make more informed decisions.

We've also seen a decrease in the number of false positives and an increase in the accuracy of our security alerts.

Ermetic is incredibly intuitive to both the novice and expert analysts and allows us to kind of keep our security posture at best practice on an ongoing basis in a pretty effortless way."

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