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Tenable Cloud Security for Risk Prevention and Remediation

Actionable Intelligence for faster remediation

Tenable Cloud Security By Tenable Cloud Security

Reducing your cloud’s attack surface and the damage that could follow a breach is paramount. Doing so requires a comprehensive picture across your multicloud environments including visualization of faulty configurations, risky access privileges and excessive exposure. Modern cloud environments often make use of hundreds of policies and configurations coupled with thousands of active identities at any one time, making it nearly impossible to manually search for things that are “not right.” What if you could automate threat detection and remediation so your teams can focus on what matters most?

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Why Tenable Cloud Security for Risk Prevention and Remediation?

  • Minimize the Attack Surface: Continuously assess and prioritize risk across human and service identities, network configuration, data and compute resources to proactively reduce your attack surface and blast radius in case of a breach.
  • Focus on the Risks that Matter: Rich, risk-prioritized findings empower Security and DevSecOps teams to automate threat detection and remediation efforts at scale.
  • Automate Remediation Efforts: Mitigate and remediate risky privileges and faulty configurations using auto-generated and customizable policies by seamlessly integrating across ticketing, CI/CD pipelines, IaC and other workflows.

Full-Stack Risk Assessment

Tenable Cloud Security continuously analyzes your entire multicloud environment, evaluating risk factors including effective exposure, misconfigurations, excessive and risky privileges, leaked secrets and vulnerabilities. It also detects unusual data access, privilege escalation and other identity-related threats, as well as changes in login settings, unusual reconnaissance, and unauthorized use or theft of access keys. Tenable Cloud Security analyzes every cloud provider log to reveal the identity behind each activity and affected accounts, resources and services.

Get a one-stop multicloud view of your cloud environment’s top risks, findings and compliance status

Leveraging intuitive graphs and displays, coupled with smart queries into activity logs, Security and DevSecOps teams can investigate and take immediate action.

A centralized dashboard provides the needed context to instantly assess and answer questions like:

  • What are my top risks?
  • What resources are exposed?
  • How many entitlements are excessive?
  • What cloud misconfigurations exist?
  • Is unencrypted data exposed or are secrets stored in vulnerable locations?

Focus on Security

Tenable Cloud Security empowers Security teams through customized prioritization and automatic remediation of risky privileges, excessive permissions and faulty configurations. When anomalies are detected, automated remediation kicks in - routing and assigning risk-prioritized actionable findings to appropriate teams. Upon identifying misconfigurations, Tenable flags them, identifies the root cause and makes policy recommendations for remediation. When risky privileges are detected, Tenable generates least privilege policy recommendations based on actual use.

Mitigate risky permissions and faulty configurations by sending auto-generated policies through your organizational workflows

Security teams can choose between a number of options including one-click remediation with straightforward steps, prepopulated optimized policies and configuration fixes fed directly into service tickets, or automatically generated IaC snippets in Terraform and CloudFormation. Learn what IaC security is.

Tenable Cloud Security expedites remediation and improves efficiency by addressing the following questions:

  • How are stakeholders notified of a misconfiguration or at-risk identities?
  • How are misconfigurations tracked until resolved?
  • How do I define the best remediation method for each issue found?

The Tenable Cloud Security Platform

Tenable is a comprehensive cloud security platform for AWS, Azure and GCP that enables you to proactively reduce your attack surface, detect threats and reduce your blast radius in case of a breach. Tenable's holistic cloud security solution enables comprehensive risk assessment across the entire security stack – from full asset discovery and deep risk visualization, prioritization and guided remediation to anomaly detection and compliance audit.

Holistic protection for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud


Download the solution brief.

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