Ermetic Cloud Workload Protection (CWP)

Protecting cloud workloads is an essential requirement for compliance and an industry best practice

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Protecting cloud workloads is an essential requirement for compliance and an industry best practice. Ermetic CWP is a scalable, low-friction solution for protecting cloud workloads and mitigating the impact of lenient security practices often present during rapid development cycles.

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Solution Benefits

While giving your teams the freedom to adopt the architectures that best fit their needs, the Ermetic solution provides a number of benefits to organizations looking to secure their applications, including:

  • Comprehensive Visibility: Gain visibility into cloud workloads across all environments from a single pane and help effectively prioritize risk remediation efforts.
  • Risk-based Prioritization: Correlate vulnerabilities across operating system packages, applications, libraries, and additional workload characteristics, to identify and facilitate fixing what matters most.
  • Flexible Control: Leverage agentless scanning for quick assessments of risk without sacrificing performance or having to deploy and manage agents for each new service.
  • Governance & Compliance: Continually scan for vulnerabilities and compliance violations that place sensitive data at risk, and implement security controls to meet changing requirements

Comprehensive Multicloud Visibility

Ermetic leverages an agentless approach to scan and detect critical workload risks. The platform offers unified protection across all cloud environments, providing teams with a centralized, single point of visibility and control. By combining insights on vulnerabilities, exposed secrets/sensitive data, malware and misconfigurations across virtual machines, containers and serverless functions, security and DevSecOps teams can prioritize remediation by effectively discovering resources that are exposed to threats or have the largest blast radius.

Focus on What Matters

With security risks, context matters. Ermetic CWP offers a complete view into your OS security posture (e.g., EOL, unpatched or vulnerable to threats), applications and libraries. Risk-based prioritization that correlates workload risk factors with findings such as misconfigurations, network exposure and overly permissive identities, allows teams to focus remediation efforts on the vulnerabilities that matter most.

Full Cloud-Native Security without Agents

Ermetic uses an agentless, identity-first approach to unify and automate asset discovery, risk analysis, runtime threat detection and compliance in AWS, Azure and GCP. Find out how Ermetic can help you reveal, prioritize and remediate security gaps with insight and precision, accelerating action, least privilege and security collaboration throughout the organization.

Secure Containers Early in the Software Lifecycle

Ermetic scans containerized services (e.g., K8S, ECS) running on workloads, and combines build and runtime insights to surface high-fidelity findings linked to container images. By integrating container security into existing CI/CD workflows, organizations can achieve shift left security. To facilitate remediation, DevSecOps teams can track the container back to the original image that created it by correlating workload risk factors across build and runtime.

Ensure Compliance with Industry Benchmarks

Detect and mitigate cloud threats that could expose sensitive data as well as the legal repercussions associated with the lack of security compliance. The Ermetic platform helps ensure compliance with standards mandating a vulnerability management process, such as AWS Well Architected, CSA, NIST, ISO 27001 and SOC II.

Download the solution brief here.

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