It’s a new beginning! Ermetic is now Tenable Cloud Security.

Tenable Cloud Security for Compliance and Access Governance

Audit and enforce compliance with industry standards and best practices

Tenable Cloud Security By Tenable Cloud Security

Effective cloud security requires complete visibility into every deployed resource, the policies that define and govern cloud access as well confidence in the configurations and compliance statuses. However, as organizations further adopt cloud native methodologies and leverage the flexibility of multicloud architectures, stitching together security data and compliance from multiple disparate tools becomes a considerable obstacle. How do you adopt a complete multicloud security strategy in today's dynamic and threat-heavy cloud landscape across multiple compliance standards and industry best practices to ensure no gaps exist?

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Why Tenable Governance and Compliance?

  • Continuous Monitoring: Continuously monitor cloud compliance posture and supports one-click reporting from a single console for CIS, AWS Well Architected, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO, NIST, PCI, SOC2, NYDFS 23 and NYCRR.
  • Powerful Investigation: Capture, analyze, and continuously monitor every log generated by your cloud provider(s) to determine what identity was behind every activity affected accounts, resources and services.
  • Automated Remediation: Easily investigate and auto-remediate compliance violations such as internal compliance, external audit and daily security activities including asset inventory, misconfiguration and network configurations.

Compliance Enforcement

Tenable Cloud Security provides out-of-the-box, continuously updated support for all major compliance frameworks and best practices. It provides the ability to create customized frameworks to meet the exact needs of your organization. Using Tenable customized reports, communicate with stakeholders on internal compliance, external audit and daily security activities.

Ermetic Compliance Enforcement for cloud security

With continuous compliance in place, your teams can monitor within and across your cloud environments and instantly assess and answer questions like:

  • How does my cloud infrastructure fair against industry security posture standards?
  • How do I extend compliance auditing to a new acquisition?
  • How to automatically detect infrastructure compliance “drift” and automatically remediate it?
  • What configurations need to be enforced to meet specific policies?

The Tenable Cloud Security Platform

Tenable is a comprehensive cloud security platform for AWS, Azure and GCP that enables you to proactively reduce your attack surface, detect threats and reduce your blast radius in case of a breach. Tenable's holistic cloud security solution enables comprehensive risk assessment across the entire security stack – from full asset discovery and deep risk visualization, prioritization and guided remediation to anomaly detection and compliance audit.

Holistic protection for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud


Download the solution brief.

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