Cloud Infrastructure Security

Holistic, multi-cloud protection in an easy-to-deploy SaaS solution.

CIEM & CSPM in One

Manage cloud infrastructure entitlements and security posture in one multi-cloud platform

According to Gartner, the #1 threat to cloud infrastructure is entitlements and permissions. That’s because identifying risky permissions and misconfigurations is hugely difficult. It requires insight into the access that all users and services have and actually need. Addressing this at scale calls for visibility into thousands of identities, policies and resources – and mitigating the risks revealed.

Using Ermetic, enterprises can enforce least privilege access in their cloud for all identities, across the entire technology stack, and manage their security posture with ease. Ermetic helps Security and DevOps stakeholders work together to ensure cloud security without impact to application continuity or speed to market.

How It Works

Ermetic enables you to address the #1 risk to your cloud infrastructure – identities – by detecting, prioritizing and remediating risky entitlements and misconfigurations at scale. It continuously discovers your entire multi-cloud asset inventory and applies full-stack analytics to identify risk accurately and in context. Enterprises use Ermetic to expertly manage access permissions, ensure cloud compliance and shift left on least privilege — reducing their cloud attack surface from the outside and in.

Deep Multi-Cloud Visibility and Asset Management

  • Manage your full asset inventory across regions, accounts, divisions and AWS/Azure/GCP
  • Get granular, contextual visibility into all identities, configurations, permissions, and activities
  • View network access and publicly exposed resources
  • Conduct smart queries and investigate activity logs by identity, entitlement or resource

Risk Assessment Across Identities, Network and Data

  • Gain full-stack insight across identity, network, compute and storage
  • Discover risk from privileged third parties and users federated from external identity providers
  • Identify sensitive data, network exposure and vulnerable workloads

Automatic Remediation, Tailored to Your Needs

  • Rapidly auto-remediate risk privileges and faulty configurations directly with wizards
  • Ticket automatically generated, optimized policies and configuration fixes with your CI/CD pipelines (Jira, ServiceNow…)
  • Generate IaC snippets in Terraform and CloudFormation

Proactive Policy Enforcement & Shift Left

  • Enforce automated guardrails for identities, resources and network configuration
  • Minimize work with customizable policy templates
  • Gain an IAM Policy Advisor
  • Define just-in-time access for developers and DevOps

Anomaly & Threat Detection

  • Conduct continuous risk analysis against behavior baselines
  • Detect identity based threats including usual data access, unexpected permissions changes
  • Identify changes in login and audit settings, and network configuration
  • Spot unusual reconnaissance and unauthorized use or theft of access keys

Compliance & Access Governance

  • Ensure compliance with industry standards and benchmarks
  • Carry out continuous compliance audit including for CIS, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO, NIST, PCI and SOC2
  • See detailed, contextual, enriched access logs
  • Generate detailed reports including for asset inventory, network configurations and activity audits

Learn how AppsFlyer is using Ermetic to secure their AWS environment

“With Ermetic, we immediately saw the risks to our environment and could quickly remediate them. No other solution provided this type of deep visibility into access entitlements and publicly accessible resources.”

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Technology and Service Integrations

Ermetic is a robust, identity-first cloud infrastructure security platform designed to fit seamlessly with your organizational processes and CI/CD pipelines — across AWS, Azure and GCP