Why Cloud Storage Isn’t Immune to Ransomware

Cloud security is a shared responsibility which sometimes leads to security gaps and complexity in risk management.

Shai Morag By Shai Morag
Why Cloud Storage Isn’t Immune to Ransomware

In a recent article for Dark Reading, Ermetic co-founder and CEO Shai Morag posits that for cybercriminals, ransomware is the flavor of the month. Ransomware attacks rose 20% and losses almost tripled in 2020, according to the FBI, and our increased use of the cloud may have played a part in that spike. Our IDC survey from earlier this year found that in the past 18 months, 98% of companies suffered at least one cloud data breach as opposed to 79% last year.

"Organizations now use hundreds of cloud-based apps, which adds thousands of new identities logging in to their systems," said Shai. "This opens almost unlimited possibilities for hackers."

So what do we do? Shai offers best practices can prevent ransomware from compromising cloud resources.

  • Adopt a least-privilege access strategy
  • Remove risk factors
  • Perform logging and monitoring
  • Prevent delete operations
  • Replicate buckets

Read the full article on Dark Reading to find out more about these best practices and how to develop a strong security posture in the cloud.