Ermetic raises $70M for ‘identity-first’ cloud security

Shai Morag, Ermetic CEO and co-founder, talked to VentureBeat about where we've been and where we're going.

Ermetic Team By Ermetic Team
Ermetic raises $70M for ‘identity-first’ cloud security

VentureBeat covered our recent $70 million series B funding round news and sat down with Ermetic CEO and co-founder Shai Morag to talk about where we've been and where we're going. The Ermetic platform focuses on identity security and attack surface reduction across a multi-cloud deployment. With hundreds of customers so far, this round of funding will help us grow rapidly in 2022 and build around our unique approach to cloud and container security.

“This is probably the biggest opportunity in security in the last decade,” said Shai. “Cloud infrastructure is becoming the new datacenter. Everyone’s going to cloud infrastructure. Everyone needs it to support their digital transformation.”

Read the full article on VentureBeat to hear more about our product roadmap including plans to expand Kubernetes support and strengthening our capabilities on the network side.