Building Up IAM in a Multicloud World

A Dark Reading article explains how the security goal in the cloud-first world is to ensure only qualified users can access information across clouds.

Ermetic Team By Ermetic Team

In her recent article for Dark Reading, Karen Spiegelman posits that with the rise of multicloud environments comes a need to understand how to implement security policies across the different cloud providers. And to complicate matters even further...AWS, Azure and GCP each has its own unique nomenclature and configurations.

At Black Hat USA 2022, Ermetic researcher Igal Gofman and Noam Dahan shared practical advice for securing identity and access management (IAM).

"If there is one thing we would like you to take from this specific session, it is that IAM is the backbone service. It is the core service. It is the gateway that controls every access to your cloud resources, and it must be protected," said Igal Gofman.

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