IDSA Panel: Reeling in The Greatest Security Risk to Your Cloud Infrastructure – Identities

Ermetic Team By Ermetic Team

Find out why identities are the new security beast to reel in and why governing access must be core to…

The number of human and service identities in an organization’s cloud/multicloud accounts is exploding. The permissions enabling those identities to access cloud resources and applications pose a huge risk. Excessive entitlements, defined intentionally or unwittingly, can lead to accidental or malicious use, network exposure of resources and other ills that plague an organization’s cloud security upon a data breach. Detecting, prioritizing and mitigating these risks is typically hampered by lack of visibility, lack of manpower, lack of coordination and an inability to scale protective measures.

On October 7th, 9am PST / 12pm EST, join Travis McPeak, Head of Product Security at Databricks and Or Priel, VP Product Management at Ermetic for a panel on why identities are the new security beast to reel in, why governing access must be core to every security program and for fresh views on using automation to remediate risk.

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