CIOarena Northeast

Ermetic Team By Ermetic Team

We are excited to participate in the CIOarena Northeast Virtual event on October 13th!

We are excited to participate in the CIOarena Northeast Virtual event on October 13th from 10AM – 2:30PM Eastern Time. The purpose of this CIOarena virtual event is to unite IT executives and professionals, while providing them with expert insights that they can integrate into their professional roles to help optimize and secure their organizations.

Or Priel, Ermetic’s VP Product Management, will explain how to secure your cloud infrastructure, using an identity-first approach. He will cover the challenge of managing Azure’s RBAC vs AWS’s IAM roles and policies, strategies for enforcing least privilege and eliminating risky permissions, governing access to sensitive resources and ensuring compliance across your cloud estate,

Click here for more information and to register. This event is invite-only, so make sure to list Ermetic in the Referral field to be considered admission.