It’s a new beginning! Ermetic is now Tenable Cloud Security.


Holistic protection for AWS,
Azure and Google Cloud.

Tap Into Your Inner Expert

  • Focus
    Find prioritized security gaps and remediate, immediately
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  • Simplify
    Leverage powerful visualizations and step-by-step remediations
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  • Collaborate
    Democratize and accelerate organizational security efforts
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Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

Govern human and machine identities with full multicloud visibility into access risks including overprivileged and unused entitlements, toxic combinations and privilege escalation.

Cloud Workload Protection

Continuously scan, detect and visualize most critical risks in workloads,  including vulnerabilities,  sensitive data, malware and misconfigurations across virtual machines, containers and serverless functions.


Detect and remediate misconfigurations, and comply with industry standards and best practice frameworks. Define and enforce custom policies for cloud configuration and IAM.

Kubernetes Security Posture Management

Reveal, prioritize and remediate security gaps and automate compliance for Kubernetes clusters across your cloud infrastructure. Unify visibility into K8s container configurations and empower stakeholders with steps for mitigating misconfigurations.

Infrastructure as Code Scanning

Implement shift-left security by scanning, detecting and fixing flaws in infrastructure as code. Reveal and remediate prioritized cloud risks in context and notify teams via integrations with ticketing and collaboration tools

Network Visualization

Reveal and visualize resources that are exposed to public access due to network misconfiguration. Find out who (or what) has network access to a resource and limit the access as much as possible.

Just-in-Time Access

Get speedy approval for as-needed, time-limited access and avoid non-revoked long-standing privileges, reducing the cloud attack surface. Enforce fine-grained least privilege policies to minimize risk while addressing the needs of the business.

Trusted by Enterprises, Loved by Developers

Leaders in Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

To limit your largest attack surface and potential blast radius, you need to go deep on identities. Tenable Cloud Security helps organizations secure all their cloud entitlements, remove excessive permissions and detect suspicious behavior.

Using Ermetic [now Tenable Cloud Security] we removed all overprivileged configurations for IAM users and then for services; we did all the automatic remediation we could, and in two months, it didn’t break anything so we continued the momentum, working down the list, eliminating more risks.

Larry Viviano, Director of Information Security, IntelyCare

Ermetic [now Tenable Cloud Security] stood out. It was hitting every area of IAM that I knew was important. We were able to, in a short period of time, remediate hundreds of findings that we otherwise wouldn't have known existed.

David Christensen, Senior Information Security Executive & Cloud Security Evangelist

Ermetic [now Tenable Cloud Security] gives us overall transparency and deep, unified insight into our cloud architecture across both Azure and AWS, into the accounts of multiple tenants, subscriptions and whatever is in their identities.

Andreas Pfau, Tribe Lead Business Solutions, Bilfinger

Ermetic [now Tenable Cloud Security] goes beyond permissions visibility to reveal IAM risk context that informs our busy devops team, facilitating their efforts in mitigating risk and minimizing disruption.

Guy Reiner, Co-founder and VP of R&D, Aidoc

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